We set ethical standards for all our employees and ensure full compliance at all times.

The DL E&C Code of Ethics reflects our commitment to ethical business practice. Ensure full compliance with the code of ethics and
applicable laws.

With Honesty and Trust as our founding values, we endeavor to enact ethical business practices.
Since we declared our Ethical Management in 2000, we have reinforced our ethical management system to meet the global standards.

  • Phase 1 Introduction
  • - Build the foundation for ethical
  • management and promote corporate culture
  • - Implement our guiding principles "Hansup"
      for improving the quality of life
  • Phase 2 Settlement
  • - Declare new corporate philosophy based on
  • ethical management(2000)
  • - Establish the Code of Ethics, Guidance,
      Cyber Shinmungo and Secretary
      Office for Ethical Management
  • - Introduce Compliance Program(2004)
  • Phase 3 Innovation
  • - Define Sustainable Management System
  • - Added to the DJSI World Index
      (Construction & Engineering in 2013)
  • - Promote voluntary compliance, sharing,
      and anti-corruption campaigns

We abide by the basics and principles to become a top world-class company.

DL E&C puts into practice the ethical management it has declared to overcome the rapidly changing business environment and to be reborn as a top-notch world-class company.
As demand for corporate ethical management increases globally through the UN Convention against corruption and international norms, all our executives and employees internalize ethical management and lay the foundation for continuous growth to compete in the global market. Through the guidelines for the practice of the code of ethics, we also share the guidelines and action guides that we can apply to various situations that may arise in the course of performing jobs and in relationships with various stakeholders such as employees, customers, and partner firms.