Operation of Fair-trade Inquiry and Advisory Process

For self-compliance with fair trade, we have appointed a self-compliance officer for each of the fields that are highly related to fair trade such as order receiving activities, outsourcing, sales, and finance and we ensure all employees to comply with laws through inquiries and consultation in advance when they carry out their work. The self-compliance officers by field are affiliated to field work departments and give advises on fair trade related questions that constantly occur so that field workers can autonomically conduct complying activities to prevent violation from occurring. The Legal & Compliance Office checks or advises on legal standards for questions that are not resolved at the field work unit thereby specially managing relevant matters to enable compliance with the law in advance at the level of the company.

Fair Trade Inquiry/Advice Process

1st CP consultation &
Ethics Review
The Korea Fair Trade Commission
Inquiry & Respond
Self-compliance Officers
  • Subcontracting and purchasing
  • Legal support and consultation
  • Labeling, advertising, terms and conditions
  • Implementation of disclosure system
  • Investment, Internal transactions
  • Business related matters
  • Company policy
  • Self-compliance at each business division
Legal & Compliace Office
2st CP Consultation &
Ethics Review
1st FeedbackInquiry
on General Issue
on Major Issues
Inquiry & Respond
Inquiry & Discussion
on Major Issue
2nd Feedback

Fair Trade Training

Compliance training courses are opened to implement training for all the personnel on the Fair- Trade Self-Compliance Program, the Fair-Trade Act, and the Subcontracting Law. In addition, fair-trade training course are included and operated in the new employee orientation education and related on the job training. In particular, the company is striving to create a bond of sympathy on transparent and compliance management through morning seminars, Han-sup broadcasting (morning in-house broadcasting) to make employees understand fair trade.

Training on the Fair-Trade Act


Autonomous Inspection by Department

For compliance with fair trade and business laws, we regularly carry out self-inspections by department. By finding and improving low-violating items that may occur when work is progressed early with voluntarily checks, we strictly comply with fair trade and business-related laws.