We ensure transparency in our practice through open communication and value sharing.

Through transparent business management, we share information by encouraging communication between stakeholders and decision
makers to build a creative and transparent corporate culture.

In-house Communication Channels

  • Conflict Resolution
    Group (Individuals)
  • - Individual complaint counseling
  • - Refer to the chair of
      the Hansup Council
  • Knowledge
    Management (Organizations)
  • - Ideas for work process and improvement
  • - Share process / techniques
  • Hansup Talk Talk
  • - Window for internal
  • Hansup Speech Podium (Organizations)
  • - Self-reflection
  • - Innovate practice
  • - Policy ideas for improvement
  • Cyber Shinmungo
  • - Report unethical practices
  • - Suggestions for
      ethical management
    * Whistleblower Protection

* Whistleblower Protection Regulation

  • In order to prevent the informant from being disadvantaged by the report, any information obtained from the report or during any investigation process shall not be disclosed to others in any circumstances.
  • We shall ensure by all means to protect the identity of informant who reports any other employee’s non-compliance with the Code of Ethics and any retaliation from such employee. If the employee attempts to retaliate or commits any retaliation, the employee shall be strictly disciplined and punished under the Whistleblower Protection Regulation.
  • If any whistleblower’s violation is discovered from the whistleblower’s report or during the investigation process based on such report, the applicable disciplinary action against the whistleblower may be exempted or reduced.