CSR (Corporation Social Responsibility)

We pursue leadership in a socially responsible business.

Our social responsibility and sustainable management extends to First, Generate revenue through sustainable competitive advantages,
Second, Build a healthy eco-system for sustainable revenue generation, Third, Contribute to society’s well-being and economic growth.

  • Generate revenue through competitive advantages

    Promote performance-oriented organizational culture

    1. 1. Are we generating higher revenue than our competitors?
    2. 2. Are the employees aware of our source of revenue i.e. core competencies?
    3. 3. Are our core competencies sustainable?
    4. 4. Are we seeking to reach the full potential of our core competencies?
  • Build healthy business

    Build health business eco-system through strategic and collaborative partnership

    1. 1. Pursue mutual growth with partners
    2. 2. Support technical innovation i.e. patent registration
    3. 3. Provide financial and business consulting service for partners
    4. 4. Provide employee training programs for partners (e.g. management innovation, cost efficiency, labor affairs, quality/safety/environment)
  • Make social contribution

    Fulfill social responsibility as part of society

    1. Sharing
    2. Culture
    3. Education