Environment Management Overview

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DL E&C implements the following policy to achieve 『Sustainable Green Construction』 guided by the corporate philosophy of "Creating a better life and Planning boundless growth and development."

Environmental and
Climate Change Risk
  • Establish measures to prevent environmental pollution and
    improve energy efficiency
  • Minimize consumption of water, natural resources, and energy
    and conduct activities to protect ecosystems and preserve biodiversity
Establish Eco-friendly
system throughout
the Entire Construction
  • Minimize waste and implement effective recycling systems.
  • Mitigate climate change through design and technology development,
    and practice green purchases considering environmental protection
    and energy efficiency.
Inspire Compliance
and Environmental
  • Comply with energy and environmental laws and treaties.
  • Implement strict corporate standards to prevent environmental
    issues and train all employees to improve their competency.
Every employee at DL E&C strives to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by being well aware of the policy
and continuously improving the Energy and Environmental Management System. DL E&C Co., Ltd CEO Seo, Young Jae