Quality Management Overview

DL E&C implements the following policy to provide the highest quality products and services to customers and achieve Zero Defects in accordance with the perception of "Any inconvenience that customers experience is a Defect."

Total Employee
  • Ensure quality excellence through collaboration with business partners
    and subcontractors.
  • Each unit of the organization shall establish quality objectives and drive
    continuous process innovation through feedback from implementation.
elimination of
Quality Risk
  • Provide the best quality through data-based risk management.
  • Preemptively eliminate all quality risks to ensure customer satisfaction
    by adhering to quality regulations.
Zero Defects
through Manual
  • Ensure consistency in quality by documenting DL E&C’s accumulated
    experience in a manual and adhering to the manual.
  • Achieve zero defects by eliminating the root cause of defects and
    preventing their recurrence.
Every employee at DL E&C strives to deliver the best quality and create a positive customer
impression by thoroughly understanding the quality policy and continuously the quality management system. DL E&C Co., Ltd CEO Seo, Young Jae