Status of Accident Rate

Safety and Health Goals

DL E&C's health and safety objective is to create a workplace that is free of occupational hazards, including serious accidents, by adopting DL E&C's principles of 'Absolute Implementation of Safety Activities,' 'Absolute Installation of Safety Facilities,' and 'Absolute Performance of Safety Activities.'

DL E&C will strengthen its health and safety management in order to reduce LTIR of employees and contractors to 0.2077 by 2027 (30% reduction relative to 2022).

Status of Accident Rate

Chart of Status of Accident Rate

PerformanceAverage accident rate in
the construction industry

Status of Accident Rate
Classification 2019 2020 2021
Performance 0.87 0.40 0.29
Average accident rate
In the construction industry
2.01 2.50 2.20