Safety and Health Goals

Health & Safety Goals

DL E&C's Health & Safety Goal is to build the health and safety culture with all members’.
We strive to prevent the recurrence of serious accidents through initiatives such as 'Change of Safety Awareness,' 'Interest and Participation·Action,' 'Inspect and Check·Improve‘.

DL E&C will strengthen its health and safety management in order to reduce LTIR of employees and contractors to 0.2077 by 2027 (30% reduction relative to 2022).

Integration of safety improvement into performance evaluation

DL E&C is actively promoting proactive safety improvement activities among all employees by linking safety and KPI’s with incentives. In order to increase the level of responsibility for safety, safety inspection frequency and the number of serious accidents is included in the KPIs of executives and team leaders. Additionally, the company reports its safety and health plans to the board of directors annually and endeavors to identify and improve key safety and health issues for accident prevention.

Integration of safety improvement into performance evaluation
Executive KPI
CSO(Chief Safety Officer) KPI weight: Number of Serious Accidents (30%), Safety Inspection Frequency (20%)
Safety Support Vice President KPI weight: Implementation of Measures for Preventing Recurrence of Past Incidents (20%)

Status of Accident Rate

Chart of Status of Accident Rate

PerformanceAverage accident rate in
the construction industry

Status of Accident Rate
Classification 2020 2021 2022
Performance 0.40 0.29 1.69
Average accident rate
In the construction industry
2.50 1.81 2.06