CEO Message

"Expanding our business across the globe.
Through creative innovation and challenge, we shall be a leading global developer."
Welcome to the DL E&C website.
Boasting the longest history in the construction industry in Korea, DL E&C is a construction powerhouse that is expanding its global
presence with innovation and a pioneering spirit.

Founded as Burim Corporation in 1939, DL E&C has played a pivotal role in Korea’s construction history, taking pride in its immense
contribution to the industry. We have made major contributions to building landmarks and iconic buildings including Korea’s artery road,
Gyeongbu Expressway, Seoul Metropolitan Subway, POSCO, National Assembly Building, Seoul Olympic Main Stadium, Gwanghwamun
Square and Yi Sun-sin Bridge.

Since our first overseas project back in 1966, we have played a pioneering role in penetrating overseas markets. We have set records as
the first company to secure foreign currencies from the overseas construction market. We are the first company to export plants
overseas and the first company to penetrate the African markets.

Our expansion in the global market is gaining momentum. Beyond the traditional roles of design and construction, We are building
a foundation to grow as a leading developer, expanding the business into project exploration, planning, investment, financing,
construction, and operation.

Our success can be attributed to thorough project management, superior technical expertise, extensive global network built over the
years, and span business know-how.

We will continue to be a world leading enterprise through boundless innovation and creative challenge while fulfilling
our social responsibility and creating values for our stakeholders. I appreciate your ongoing support and interest in our activities.
We promise to continue our tireless pursuit of innovation and global excellence.

CEO Seo, Young Jae DL E&C Co., Ltd

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