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Corporate Philosophy

Big Green Forest at the Center of the World

"Han" in "Hansup" communicates the idea of being vast, high, spacious, bright,
and central, which is associated with the concepts of leadership, the universe,
unity, and infinity. "Sup" means an expansive forest that encompasses
all the variety of creatures in the world with generosity, abundance, infinite change,
prosperity, and vital energy.

Serving as a Rich and Infinite Source of Prosperity

Meaning an infinite possibility, Hansup symbolizes the source of prosperity
where people harmonize and create new values in a fast-changing business
environment. Our corporate philosophy reflects this concept as we encourage
all our members to learn and grow in harmony, cultivate prosperity, and improve
the quality of life.

  • Year of Incorporation


  • First Construction Company Ever Founded in Korea

    First Construction Company
    Ever Founded in Korea

    Incorporated in 1939, DL E&C is a parent company of DL Group. As a leader in the construction sectors in Korea, we provide high quality products and services in various fields.

  • Global Leader in EPC

    Global Leader in EPC

    Since its first overseas project in Vietnam in 1966, the construction division successfully completed various construction, civil engineering, and plant projects in more than 40 countries worldwide. It has been recognized for its technical leadership and strong competitiveness in the global market.

Management Principles

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  • Develop long-term
  • Respect for
  • Grow with respect
    for humanity
  • Customer
  • Build trust and
    earn credibility