Health & Safety Management Policy

DL E&C recognizes health and safety as essential value in business management and builds the health and safety culture with all members; to establish and execute the health and safety management policies as follows to achieve our vision of “There are no more serious accidents in workplaces”.

Change of
Safety Awareness

1. Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

2. Safety accidents are necessarily preventable, and its measures exist.

3. Communicate openly with our workers on health and safety activities.

For the Safest
Construction company

1. Do not proceed work if it is not safe.

2. Conduct a risk assessment with workers and take appropriate proactive action.

3. Zero accident is achieved by “interest”, “participation” and “action”.

Start over again
From square one

1. Organizing workplaces is the fundamental of safety management.

2. Unscheduled works are strictly prohibited.

3. Continuously inspect, check and improve our workplaces and system.

CSO Lee, Jongbae