Daejeon Architectural Environment Research Center

The Daejeon Architectural Environment Research Center (AERC) builds residential spaces for the future, pursuing zero energy consumption

Daejeon AERC enhances technological competitiveness through research and tests in various fields from residential to civil engineering environments. We present a new vision of construction technology by enhancing technology values though the development of the world’s top-tier technological products using our prime technology and know-how.

At the AERC Eco House built to secure the energy independence of apartment buildings for the first time in Korea, continuous R&D is carried out to shape zero energy consumption residential spaces beyond low energy level with the adoption of renewable energy technologies such as solar, geothermal, and wind power, in addition to the existing 3L house technological capabilities.

Daejeon AERC image
Daejeon AERC
Size One floor underground, three floors aboveground 
Total floor area 3,200㎡
Facilities Pillar-type apartment (three households) and wall structure apartment (four households)
Technologies Applied Solar heat, solar photovoltaic energy, geothermal cooling and heating, wind power generation, fuel cells, underground ducts, natural lighting, utilization of rainfall, and finishing exterior with photo catalyst paint
Hands-on Experience Facilities Floor impact sound room, natural lighting room, sound-proof performance room, and thermal environment room