• Daelim Museum at night photo
  • Hush hush.
    Quiet please.
    Most museums are extremely quiet and people try not to make any noise.

  • Murmuring.
    Snap snap.


    Museum for

  • Daelim Museum photo
  • A picture doing performance
  • Your explanation about the art picture with someone who, taking children,
  • Father and child, art making pictures
  • The children performing in market pictures
  • Market landscape
  • Market picture people attending art collection.
  • Exhibit a photo
  • Museums where you can communicate and share are rare.

    Do we have to experience art only through our eyes? At Daelim Museum, visitors are the center of our focus. The exhibition truly shines only when the visitors can enjoy it. That is why we make art more accessible so more people can enjoy it. Daelim Museum dreams that our lives and art are intermingled and each can draw inspiration from the other.

    [Our Creativity] Art that Connects Community and Corporation

    "Let's learn and remember our town!"
    One of the projects Daelim Museum undertakes is about enhanced communication with local communities through art. As part of the 'DA+E Project’, it held a photo exhibition at a town in Manan-gu, Anyang and a culture and art seminar in Seochon and organized a "Happy Together" program for children in childcare centers in Seoul where cultural education programs are needed. Its commitment to removing the barriers between everyday life and art is reflected in the spatial design. Art is a great source of inspiration for our company where creative ideas and designs are constantly generated.

Looks like a fountain with your colorful woolen the sky