New Ways

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  • Although Korea had celebrated
    reaching USD 100 million in exports
    in the mid-1960s,

    People never thought that the construction projects or services could be exported.

    Under that circumstance, no investments or support were made by the Korean Government, and this made impossible for Korean construction companies to find a global market.

  • Making inroads
    into the global

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However, there were companies that expanded their business overseas taking the risk and facing the challenge that comes with it. In 1965, some companies took the initiative. One of them was DL E&C which took the first step to undertake an overseas project in Vietnam. On January 28, 1966, the company won the seaport construction project in Rach Gia issued by the OICC and became the first construction company to develop an overseas project.

  • in 1973

    DL E&C has expanded its presence in the global market becoming the first company to undertake overseas plant with the Aramco's boiler installation project in Saudi.

  • in 1975

    the first company to undertake a project in Kuwait with the mechanical repair project in a refinery in Shuaiba.


    and the first company to undertake a project in Africa with the refinery construction project in South Africa.

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  • Creative Pioneer

  • It takes more than bravery to explore the unknown.

    Based on extensive technical expertise and field experience,

    DL E&C continues its creative path and pioneering spirit to improve the quality of life.

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Pioneer in Us

"We will do it!"

There was a project that a French company estimated 54 months to complete and a Japanese company estimated 48 months. On the contrary, DL E&C estimated 36 months to complete the project thanks to our extensive expertise, which covers from design to construction.
It was RMP-2 Project (Refinery Master Plan in 2 Phases) issued by Petron, the largest Philippines refinery company in 2011. The worksite was as big as 52 soccer fields. In addition to meeting the delivery date, DL E&C also set a new record which was “Zero Accidents for 8 Million Man-hours”. It means 1,000 workers worked for 10 hours a day for 21 years and 9 months without any accidents.

It takes a high level of expertise to take on a new challenge. More importantly, it takes trust to achieve the level of success that we always accomplish at DL E&C.

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