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    Making History
    with Innovation

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  • Largest
    in Korean History!

  • In 1969, the Gyeongbu Expressway, Korea's first expressway, was completed connecting Seoul to Busan and
    reduced the travel time from 12 hours by train to 5 hours. Followed by the first POSCO plant which served as
    the foundation for Korea's economic development, Asia's largest national assembly building topped with a
    1,000-ton steel frame dome, the Seoul Olympic Stadium, the Cheonggyecheon stream restoration project
    and the fourth-largest suspension bridge in the world, Yi Sun-Sin Bridge….

    DL E&C has made a significant contribution to the development of Korea as the country has moved forward
    in politics, economics and culture.

  • Architectural Environment Research Center, a photo
  • Architectural Environment Research Center, a photo
  • Construction is
    not about
    but skill-power!

  • DL E&C has changed the people's perception of construction.
    We are the first to establish an R&D center in the industry
    and boost technological innovation.

    Our technologies have changed every aspect of our lives throughout Korean history.

    DL E&C is leading the way in Korea's construction industry.

Yi Sun-sin Bridge the longest bridge in our country
  • Our Technology

    Special Story
    about Long Bridge

    Which is the longest bridge in Korea?

    The answer is the Yi Sun-Sin Bridge in
    Yeosu-si, Jeonnam, spanning 2,260 meters.

  • Why is the bridge recognized for setting a new standard in the civil engineering industry in the world? This type of bridge is called a suspension bridge as it is suspended by cables. Until now, it has been built in only a handful of countries with advanced technical expertise.
    The Yi Sun-Sin Bridge was built with our own technology. The most important part of building a suspension bridge is installing cables, which takes place in the air. Previously, we had to import the equipment from Japan as it was not available in our country.

  • DL E&C successfully developed this installation process. Only five countries, U.S., China, Japan, England and Denmark, have built and maintained suspension bridges using their own technology without relying on others. With the Yi Sun-Sin Bridge, Korea became the sixth country in the world to have the technical expertise to build a suspension bridge. To build this bridge, we published more than 100 research articles in the field and registered eight patents as we were building the highest suspension bridge in the world.

Yi Sun-sin Bridge the longest bridge in our country air view