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    80 Years,
    Long Running

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  • A new signboard was
    hung on a small cottage
    in Bupyeong,
    Incheon in 1939.

    'Burim Corporation'

  • It was where Korea's first construction company "DL E&C" started.

    Why did they start a business in such a quiet place without many houses?
    Suam Jae-joon Lee the founder of DL Group thought:

  • Black-and-white photo of a company built in the wilderness
  • Black and white former factory
  • As it is located between Incheon
    and the Yeongdeungpo
    Industrial Area,

    It will become the hub
    of the Gyeongin
    Industrial Zone.

As soon as construction materials arrive
at the store, they were sold out.
The demand surged. He thought

Other sellers buy processed
materials but we will produce
and process our own materials.

The quality of service stood out.
They asked customers what the
materials were for.

We make sure we provide the
best materials for their purpose.

In 1947, the company changed its business
name to DL E&C and became the first construction company in Korea.

Based on our strong foundation, we have been continuously innovating and improving business practices for 80 years.

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Our Fundamental

'Seoleongtang Diplomacy' and 'Present of Saewoojeot'

There are so many stories about the two representative characteristics of our founder, Suam Jae-joon Lee, Diligence and Humility. He visited his customers very early in the morning to collect outstanding payments as they were often absent later in the day.
The employees started work at 4 o'clock in the morning visiting their business partners.
The phrase "Meal of the Dawn" became popular as they had to work before breakfast.
When customers visited the company, they served Seoleongtang, an inexpensive and familiar Korean cuisine, to everyone regardless of rank or position. They called it "Seoleongtang Diplomacy". However, there was one exception to his thriftiness. When the company had 120 employees, he gave away rice, fish and Saewoojeot for those in need in addition to their salary. Such stories built the foundation of our perpetuating corporate culture.

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