Safety Experience School

In order to prevent accidents at work site, In December 2018, DL E&C established the safety experience school with the facilities including the understanding of work related risks, establishing safety control measures, and improving the capability of emergency responses.
The Safety Experience School will lead a safety culture wherein all organization members can participate.
The Safety Experience School provides safety training for not only our employees but also those of public institution and suppliers. As of the end of 2022, a total of 5,177 people have participated in training to acquire experience and safety knowledge.

21 safety experience programs

  • View of Safety Experience School

    View of Safety Experience School

  • Steel structure by Virtual reality

    Steel structure by Virtual reality

  • Crushed by machinery

    Crushed by machinery

  • Fall into an opening

    Fall into an opening

  • Miniature Scaffolding Assembly

    Miniature Scaffolding Assembly

  • CPR & AED

    CPR & AED