Quality Education/Training and Audit

DL E&C conducts customized education/training by layer to meet the legal requirements and reinforce quality personnel competencies.

  • Legal On-the-Job Training for Quality

    • Class Basic training (35 hours) Specialized training (35 hours)
    • Subject site quality manager
  • On-the-job Training for Site
    Quality Manager

    • Period/Cycle once a year
    • Subject site quality manager
  • Training for Partner Supplier’s
    Construction Site Manager

    • Period Jan. ~ Mar.
    • Subject partner supplier’s construction site manager and site superintendent
  • Quality Test Training for
    Quality Manager

    • Period/Cycle 4~6 times annually
    • Subject new quality manager
  • Training for Standards manager

    • Period Mar.
    • Subject standards manager

Quality Audit

  • Internal Quality
    Audit (Site)
  • Site
  • Head Office
  • (Quality
  • Internal Quality
    Audit (Team)