Members of Audit Committee

Members of Audit Committee
Classification Name Date of Appointment
(Y, M, D)
Outside Director Lee, Choong Hoon 2021-01-04 Senior partner at Law Firm CM
Outside Director Park, Chan Hi 2021-01-04 Professor of the Dept. of Business Administration at Chung-Ang University
Outside Director Kim, Il Yoon 2021-01-04 CEO of PIA

Major Responsibilities of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is organized to conduct audits under the relevant laws and regulations and
the company’s articles of association.
The committee audits the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities and company’s accounting and
resolves the appointment of an external auditor.

External Auditor

External Auditor
Year External Auditor Date of Appointment Contract Period Auditor’s Opinion
2021 Deloitte Anjin LLC Mar. 16, 2021: approval of the Audit Committee 3 years -

Procedure for Appointing Audit Committee Members

  • 01 Selection of Audit Committee Member Candidate Utilization of internal and external manpower pool
  • 02 Verification of the Audit Committee Member Candidate Verification of legal requirements, professionalism, qualification, and experience
  • 03 Recommendation of Outside Director Candidate Recommendation of an outside director candidate Unqualified opinion for an audit committee member
  • 04 Board
    Resolution of agenda regarding recommended candidates for audit committee member
  • 05 General
    Final appointment of the Audit Committee Member