DL E&C, CARBONCO Promote Carbon Mineral Flagship Project in Vietnam in Full Swing

DATE 2023.01.20

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 DL E&C, CARBONCO Promote Carbon Mineral Flagship Project in Vietnam in Full Swing  

Participants in the Carbon Mineral Flagship Project MOU signing ceremony
held at the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG),
Vietnam on the 18th pose for a commemorative photograph
(from left, CARBONCO Business Implementation Office Director Kim Yong-ho,
DL E&C Plant Biz Division Manager Kim Dong-hyun,
Kangwon National University (KNU) Vice President Choi Sung-woong,
HUMG President Thanh Hai Tran, and
Carbon Mineralization Flagship Business Group (CMFBG) Director Ahn Ji-hwan). 

DL E&C and CARBONCO announced on the 19th that they will engage in the carbon mineral project in Vietnam in full swing. The Carbon Mineralization Flagship Business Group affiliated with the Ministry of Science and ICT forged a business agreement with the Geological Resources Research Institute of Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on the 17th. As a follow-up action, DL E&C, CARBONCO, HUMG, CMFBG, and KNU signed an MOU for technology transfer and collaboration for commercialization through carbon mineral business R&D.  
Korea and Vietnam have been conducting joint research and human resources exchange at the government level in the relevant field since 2018. Through the MOU, active cooperations have been pledged with Vietnamese state corporations having power plants and mines, aiming at CMFBG’s technology transfer and local commercialization. 
The carbon mineral project is a pan-ministry project jointly launched by MOTIE and MOE and organized by MSIT. In the project, various R&D and commercialization activities are promoted for carbon emissions reduction and recovery of resources from industrial wastes using carbon mineralization technology.  
The carbon mineralization technology involves making the cinder generated from power plants and waste concrete generated in the construction processes react with the captured carbon and storing and utilizing them. DL E&C and CARBONCO secured a source technology to produce eco-friendly aggregate and construction materials using the technology. Through this, carbon emissions reduction and cost savings can be realized.  
The technology was approved and declared at the UNFCCC through the development of new greenhouse gas emissions reduction methodology (CDM: carbon development mechanism); therefore, overseas business expansion is expected by securing comparative advantage of the technology. 
 “We are focusing on the advancement of CCUS technology, which is a key technology to solving climate change problems. We will vigorously support the greenhouse gas emissions reduction business by spearheading carbon emissions reduction solution supply along with Vietnamese state corporations and CMFBG,” DL E&C Plant Biz Division Director Yu Jae-ho explained.  
 CARBON Business Development Office Manager Yu Jae-hyung revealed their plans of expanding the decarbonization business actively, including carbon utilization technology, in the global market beyond Vietnam through the cooperation.