DL E&C Applies Korea’s Largest TBM Equipment for the GTX-A Construction Site

DATE 2022.07.15

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 DL E&C Applies Korea’s Largest TBM Equipment for the GTX-A Construction Site 
TBM equipment adopted for the GTX-A line private investment project’s section 5 construction site     
DL E&C announced on July 15 that it is applying Korea’s largest TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) in the GTX-A line private investment project construction site. 
The TBM construction method involves penetrating a tunnel using cutting-edge tunnel boring equipment instead of the existing traditional method to bore tunnels with blast. The cylindrical steel tunneling equipment’s head part rotates, breaks up bedrocks, advances, and quickly bores a tunnel.   
The TBM method is expected to be very efficient when applied because mechanization and automation can be conducted, ranging from tunnel boring and discharging bedrocks and earth and sand to reinforcement. It also has the advantage of lower noise and vibrations and maximized stability compared to the blast method.  
The company has adopted the TBM construction method suitable for each construction site as part of construction sections 5 and 6 of the GTX-A. 
DL E&C has applied the Gripper TBM method for the 4,265m section of Seoul City center passing Gwanghwamun, city hall, and Sungryemun (Namdaemun Gate) in the GTX-A construction section 5. The Gripper TBM method can minimize the effects of boring of major cultural assets including Gwanghwamun and Namdaemun Gate through low vibration and mechanization construction. 
DL E&C applied the Gripper TBM method in Korea’s double track line construction for the first time ever in Korea. The equipment’s boring diameter is 11.6m, the largest in Korea and the third in the world. 
The company applied a Shield TBM equipment in the 1,314m construction section at the substructure of Han River from the GTX-A 6 section. The Shield TBM enables immediately installing pre-made tunnel wall pieces along with tunneling. 
DL E&C selected the Shield TBM method as it can stably bore considering the fact that bedrocks at the substructure of Han River are weak and high water pressure should be endured. The adopted equipment has the largest boring diameter (8.2m) among the Shield TBM equipment adopted in Korea. 
DL E&C plans to complete the GTX-A line safely and promptly based on TBM construction experience accumulated abroad including Singapore as well as in Korea. It also intends to enhance global order winning competitiveness using its expertise in TBM.  
 “TBM is an efficient, eco-friendly construction method compared to the existing traditional blast. We will consolidate competitiveness by adopting cutting-edge construction methods for construction sites,” an official of DL E&C said.