We place Health&Safety as our top priority.

DL E&C Housing & Building Business Division declares the safety and health of everyone working together as an absolute value that cannot compromise with anything else, and implements the following health and safety policies for creating “A workplace where safety measures must be implemented.”

Health&Safety Policy

We create a safety culture that always does what we set out to do

We designate and check strong objects (vehicles), heavy objects (heavy lifting), and high places
    (working at height) as high-risk spots.

Safety and health management does not stop at 99%, but finds and removes the last 1% of risk factors.

We recognize risks and thoroughly implement preventive actions through the high-risk spot system.

We strictly comply with safety and health procedures and regulations and put top priority
    on worker protection.

We guide the voluntary participation of workers in safety and health activities through risk assessment
    for all work processes.

We bring this policy to the attention of our employees, supply chain partners, and relevant interested parties, and establish
Safety and Health objectives and periodic reviews to constantly strengthen its Safety and Health management. Housing & Building Business Division CSO Ma, Changmin