Various Events Held on World Environment Day. DL Wages DL♥GREEN Campaign

DATE 2021.06.03

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Various Events Held on World Environment Day. DL Wages DL♥GREEN Campaign  

Employees are ordering beverages in multi-use cups in D Lounge Café.

DL E&C started an eco-friendly campaign in commemoration of World Environment Day. Under the theme “DL’s Good things for earth,” various activities are planned by the head office and construction sites until year-end. Held on June 3 was an event dubbed “DL Mug Day,” during which free coffee was offered to employees using personal mugs in the D Lounge Café on the 3rd floor of D Tower Donuimun company building. The D Lounge Café is also hosting a usual event offering KRW 300 off beverage prices if employees carry a personal mug or a tumbler with them in addition to the event held on June 3.

A program wherein employees’ families can participate was also prepared. They plan to make a pop-up book for education on environmental problems and deliver the pop-up books to local children’s centers so that they can support environmental education for underprivileged children. Construction sites located in many places nationwide in addition to the head office also carry out working environment-specialized activities. The construction sites operated by DL E&C and DL Construction plan to shape eco-friendly sites, particularly to perform 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) by reducing construction waste, expanding recycling, and consolidating the separate collection of garbage.