DL E&C Becomes the First Korean Construction Company

DATE 2021.05.04

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DL E&C Becomes the First Korean Construction Company
 to Join TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) 


DL E&C joined the TCFD Supporters, heralding domestically
and internationally that the company has finished preparation for ESG management. 

DL E&C became the first Korean construction company to join the TCFD Supporters on May 4. TCFD is a climate-related task force affiliated with the Financial Stability Board founded by G20 Financial Ministers and Central Bank Presidents in 2015. TCFD recommends information disclosures on governance, management strategy, risk management, and measurement standards and goals as the four key factors of climate change. TCFD’s information disclosure recommendation has recently emerged as an international standard related to environmental information, with approximately 1,900 companies and organizations worldwide participating.

DL E&C has made efforts to ensure competitiveness as a leading company in coping with climate change through carbon reduction activities and new business propulsion. Having steadily mitigated carbon emissions by setting a carbon emissions reduction target since 2010, we are actively managing risks related to climate change. Thanks to our efforts, DL E&C was selected as the best company in the construction sector at the CDP Climate Change Excellent Company Awards on April 28. The company joined the Supporters to disclose information on carbon reduction and climate change transparently, respond to the relevant issues proactively, and consolidate ESG management.