Daelim Selected for the Ulleungdo Airport Construction Project

DATE 2019.12.02

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Daelim Selected for the Ulleungdo Airport Construction Project 

Bird’s-eye view

Daelim was selected as eligible designer for the Ulleungdo Island Airport Construction Project ordered by the Busan Regional Office of Aviation on December 2. The contract amount is KRW 538.3 billion (VAT-exclusive), and a consortium consisting of 9 companies including Daelim will build the airport. Daelim Civil Engineering Division’s stake is 44% (KRW 236.8 billion). 

Bird’s-eye view at night 

The project involves building a small-sized airport through which a 50-seater airplane can be operated on Ulleungdo Island’s Sadong Port area for accessibility improvement, local tourism activation, and marine territory management support on Ulleungdo Island. The Civil Engineering Division will be in charge of site shaping for airport construction (1434m of riprap and Caisson breakwater and 457m road construction included) and airside district construction containing a 1200m runway. The construction period is 60 months from the construction commencement date.